Business Activity statements (BAS) are the process of reporting

to the ATO the business activity for a certain period, normally quarterly.

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Included in the BAS is the GST on income and expenses, and also, wages and withholding tax (PAGYW) on the wages.

As POP is a registered tax agent, you will receive a 1-month payment extension from the ATO for the quarterly BAS. 


POP reviews transactions to ensure allocations are optimal.

POP prepares BAS based on data in online accounting software.

POP drafts the BAS and sends an email to client with a summary for approval. If a payable position arises, POP provides the due date and a payment slip in the email.

Once client confirms OK, POP lodges with the ATO.

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POP reviews the income and expense business model and determines whether a cash or accruals method for GST reporting will provide a superior outcome. POP reviews the transactions in the online accounting software to ensure GST is maximised with all GST credits refunded that are due.

Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) report employee wages and withholding tax (PAYGW). POP leverages online accounting software to lodge these on the due date and ensure payment won’t be made until the due date to assist with business cashflow. wages are generally reported to the ATO on a monthly basis.

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